Embossing Machines

Double R Henderson are world leaders in the Design and manufacture of Embossing Machines for embossing films, papers, foil, aluminium sheet, steel strip, and board.

We have supplied many of the worlds leading producers in embossing and as such we have experience in virtually all substrates which are embossed or capable of being embossed.

Depending upon the machine requirements, machines of up to 200 tonne nip pressure can be manufactured and variations of steel-rubber, steel-superelastic and steel-steel mating rolls are all within our range of machines.

190 ton embosser with motorised out of line facility.
Embossing Machine for Beer Bottle Labels
Aluminium/Paper laminate embossing machine
Embossing Machine for Paper
Embossing Machine for Sheet Aluminium
Embossing Machine for Aluminium Foil
Embossing Machine for Stainless Steel Foil
190 ton embosser with motorised out of line facility
Vanleer embossing machine
Foil embosser machine
APPM embosser machine
Hadlee embosser machine
Alcan embossing machine
Hitico Embosser

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